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    Maximize Performance Through Energy and Wellness

Your going to discover the Get Back on Track system for getting more success and fulfillment without stress and anxiety.

Get Back on Track

"Get Back On Track" is a training program that is a systematic, holistic approach that is a blend of inspiration, practical advice, and energy work. It creates the conditions necessary for you to execute your plans. The biggest problem I see today is not the ambition, but the execution and the consequence are sustainability. 

Does this sound like you? 

  • Have success but feel like something is missing 

  • Need to handle stress better- improve your quality of life with work/life balance 

  • Wish the sales team were more consistent 


Will power alone will cause stress, burnout, and frustration. That I experienced working in the corporate world for over twenty years, but I was always seeking ways to make change stick and doing so not so hard. 

After being trained by a modern-day sage DelPe for ten years, apprenticing myself to enormously talented teachers that without a holistic approach, it will not be long before you go back to the old way of doing and thinking. The holistic approach isn't chill out, don't worry, be Ok with what is, it's not a passivist where one loves everything and does nothing. I know you have to start there to be entirely happy, innovative, and creative in all areas of your life and have the best chance to hit your goals. 

The Bridge connects wellness and energy to the performance. Guiding you through five stages as each one feeds off the other. We are out our best when we are changing, developing, and growing. You will learn how to utilize, express, and rejuvenate your energy. You will come away with a clearer understanding of events circumstances and how to approach them with positive outcomes.

A systematic approach with a performance coach can help you & your employees:

  • Increase balance in life

  • Improve self awareness, clarity, & thinking

  • Increase energy & time management

  • Improve discipline & productivity

  • Sustain employee & client satisfaction

  • Improve persuasion & increase revenue

  • Create steady success with high performance habits

If you knew investing in yourself with performance coaching would help you achieve your goals...

would you do it?

Training & Coaching

The trial & error approach is time-consuming, frustrating, and often disappointing. Believe me, because I’ve been there! I am a do-it-yourself type, and can be stubborn to a fault… trying to solve too many problems on my own. Have you experienced this?


I slowly learned that trying to figure out everything on your own can give a “school of hard knocks” education. Yes, you can eventually succeed, but at a cost higher than the most expensive coaching & training. Too many missed opportunities, lost time, wrong turns, and additional stress...


The truth is - we all need mentors & support if we’re going to manifest our bigger vision and goals. So if you’re ready to scale your life & your business, then I’m your catalyst for change. View services

We invest in our bodies with diet and exercise, we invest in our health with vitamins and supplements... 

                                           but how are you investing in your productivity and goals?

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"Working with Tom has helped transform my business and transcend my thinking.

His counsel and approach has been a pivotal component of developing a sustainable and winning formula."

- DesHague - Aegis Enterprise - CEO

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