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About Tom

After spending nearly two decades in sales & marketing for multi-billion-dollar companies and startups, I know what truly drives peak performance and maintains sustainability. The proven Bridge Method allows organizations to grow to develop and change, leading to a more productive team and effective leadership while reducing stress and burnout. 

It was not always like this. I relied on self-help books, going to every new seminar listening to all of the motivational speakers, I tried everything, but nothing ever stuck. This was very frustrating, but I learned to expect it and settled for the status quo, putting up with the emotional roller coaster until...

I was invited to go to a three-day seminar in the Fall of 2009, and It was on energy anatomy and everything changed. I was lucky enough to be introduced to my mentor and guide for the next ten years, DelPe. And he changed my life. For the first time in years, I was motivated to learn new concepts, terminologies, and practices that inspired me to see what I was capable of. I began to improve the way I lived my life, implementing what I learned from this teacher and guide. And the key part? It was sustainable. I have felt this way ever since. 

I didn't plan on becoming an executive life coach. But I ended up developing a system that worked (based on DelPe's teaching, apprenticing myself to enormously talented teachers, my own experience, clients and a dose of humility) 

I now share this method that helps manage the opportunities and challenges of growth while improving personal performance. I discovered you need energy to recognize your opportunities and create capacity to overcome your challenges.  Organizations looking to grow to develop, and change and individuals looking to break through the plateau that keeps showing up every time they want to go for a change is a perfect fit. I love to teach what I learned!

Improving your quality of life leads to a healthier, happier you, and the benefits are enormous for both your home and work life. 

Isn't it time you tried a proven method for success? Contact me today.