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Helping Clients
Amidst Career &
Life Transitions

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Everyone goes through transitions in life-whether it’s the beginning of a new career or life after divorce. Being confronted with change often leaves people feeling stuck, confused, and frustrated-making it difficult to see the positive opportunities that may lie ahead.

Transition coaching focuses on:

baby boomers, the recently retired, out of balance,

the unemployed, divorcees, and career changes.

If You Want To:

  • Learn to adapt & cope with challenging transitions

  • Determine what’s important for the next chapter of your life

  • Lead happier, more successful lives

  • Be better prepared for future transitions

  • Uncover obstacles & patterns that may be sabotaging your success & blocking your fulfillment

  • Work toward greater fulfillment & personal transformation


Upgrade your life tools so you can transition to the next phase with grace and ease avoiding getting blindsided.


Creating long term solutions, not just band aid fixes. Promote greater individual awareness of how people think, feel and act.


Implement Tom’s system: “Getting Back on Track"... setting the stage for sustainable transformation.


Most people want to be productive first hit a target or reach a milestone then they will give it a shot at balancing a key area of their life, unfortunately you can get blindsided. Now you're in the crisis you aren’t prepared for. Staying ahead of transition is the true goal but you need to know where you are starting from for you to be successful.

Key Performance Indicators

Transitioning to your next phase

Tom’s engagement consists of both a tactical and strategic approach. The natural consequence of working with Tom will be a clearer understanding of events and circumstances and how to approach them with positive outcomes.


When people are able to take more control of their emotions, they can improve the quality of their energy, regardless of the external pressures they’re facing.


To do this, they first must become more aware of how they feel at various points during the workday and of the impact these emotions have on their effectiveness.


Your Energy Wellness refers to your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit. 

Case Study

Client: Steve


As a transition coach, I help you land on your feet again by partnering with you as you navigate the unknown. Together we can determine what you want to be different in your life while gaining clarity on who you are today.


A significant part of the success of transitional coaching is based upon defining useful practices that the client undertakes in order to habitualize a desired change. Structuring these practices in a way that allows for them to be sustained is CRUCIAL.


In Steve's case because of his lopsided schedule they had to be small and easily remembered. Like many people over the years, Steve had developed a very patterned way of being and behaving. To initiate the plan, we needed to agree on commitment.


This point is important because, when it comes to execution, many will think, "well, just do It."


"Just doing it" seldom happens.

Willpower is usually not enough- particularly if the new action being undertaken is new.

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