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Navigating with Grace and Ease
  • What about the people who are already doing great in their lives, why would they want a coach?"
    There are people who are already doing what they most enjoy. They are not tolerating anything. Their life is effortless. They spend enough time with their family and friends. They are on their way to being financially independent. Their emotional life is great. The truth is, even these people want to expect more out of their lives. They usually want to venture into new areas. Another truth is, most of the highly successful people already have coaches who helped them get there - from Bill Gates to the founders of Google, from Tiger Woods to Serena Williams.
  • Does coaching work on both personal and professional goals?
    In coaching, we believe that personal and professional issues definitely influence each other.
  • How can I know I am ready for coaching?
    You are highly coachable, and it's a good moment to get a coach. You will benefit a lot from coaching if several of the following statements are true: You know/believe that: You have unrealistic potential You're capable of having a life and career you truly deserve You have a real desire for change You are open to: Doing things in new and better ways Discovering more about yourself Contributions and collaboration of others and new perspectives You are prepared to: Tackle some tough issues to get to where you want to be Take the lead on issues that are important to you Work outside your comfort zone You are committed to: Being honest during the coaching…say what is really true for you Devoting the time needed to make it work; doing homework and being prepared Making the investment in your future
  • What do I gain from coaching?
    In coaching,we focus on both "doing" and "being". At the "doing" level, you will: Clarify your goals Schedule your actions and carry them out Achieve meaningful and important results Fulfill your dreams Succeed more readily at work and in life At a "being" level, you take away gains that make your life qualitatively better now and in the future: Better self awareness and self reflection Being in charge/responsible Enhance self confidence and self reliance Enhance performance Better decision making skills Higher motivation and commitment Better leadership skills Higher quality of life/work balance Clarity in purpose and meaning Improved communication and relationships Sustainable personal growth and lasting self-coaching skills
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