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How to Beat Fatigue

This is the One big reason why I procrastinated on taking action when I wanted to initiate a change. It Was because I wasn't sure of the outcome. So I settled for the status quo knowing at the time my strategy was outdated for me to get what I wanted. To be worth my time, I needed to know for sure it would work. Many stats say mindset is 90% attached to your success rate. In everything you do a diet, fixing a relationship, marriage, parenting etc.if that's the case then you better get a handle on this. I found out that having endless conversations in my head were not working and just giving me a heavy dose of fatigue and anxiety. Anxiety happens when you don’t know what to expect. You have to be on your game to pick this up and if your game needs a bit of polish better identify a skill you need to add and perhaps a habit to break.

So how do you believe in yourself without fooling yourself? Positive affirmations help for a short time perfect to help you get off the ground but eventually, you need to incorporate what you're saying to what you're doing. Here are a few suggestions for you to adjust your approach to your day.

1st thing identifies the enemy or story you're telling yourself that any new endeavor you are embarking on will fail. A classic limited belief we all have them so know it, or this is a waste of your time or better, yet you don't have the time. Many people fail here because of their not aware of this or let it take hold of them.

2nd thing is challenging the story you are telling yourself. How often is the BS that swirls around in your head come true.

These thoughts don't go away, but you learn to create enough space by expanding your capacity (the skill to develop) to allow new things to come in, So the old thoughts don't have the hold on you they once did.

3rd when a basketball player is about to shoot a free throw, or A golfer is lining up a 6-foot put what are they doing right before they take the necessary action they visualize the ball going in. They don't think about anything else other than executing without any self-doubt. They practiced a lot to get to that point of almost perfection.

That's what I want you to realize that this stuff takes practice, and if you practice each day just like a professional, do you will become one! Deliberate practice is needed first to build momentum. All professionals have mentors and coaches because it's hard. To reach your highest potential and break through what's been holding you back on your own.

99% of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for mediocre or don't aim at all. Go for the 1% it is possible!


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