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  • Tom Scally

Curzon Relocation

Client Background

Curzon Relocation is located in Manhattan NY they provide a service for corporate clients around the world working with companies HR division and relocating their employees. The employees work for Curzon but much of their work is individual based and their responsibility of daily tasks.

The challenge

The big problem was growth for a start up company in the areas of sales, communication and environment also is keeping them motivated. With not reporting to a central office daily at times the team is disconnected from the core mission of the company, and only does just enough to satisfy there clients. The managing director would like to see more consistency initiative and no politicking or back biting for the environment

The Solution

After having different speakers and trainers come in and the training not being sustainable, Curzon was looking for a different approach to growth and change. The managing director worked with The Bridge Method on an individual basis and the program’s holistic systematic approach helped him get fit mentally and emotionally to make a big leap leaving his secure job of 20 years to starting Curzon Relocation. Instead of rushing to the desired outcomes, task lists goals that are not meaningful activities that are only as good as your wil power will last the unique approach of the long game and in this case initially 4 weeks and a once a month best practice, would uncover group blocks in communication and assumptions, individual blocks to consistency and experiencing how this plus a incorporating the 5 sustainable principles began a recognizable rhythm and timing to work.


Having worked with the client rolling out the Get Fit First Program the company was engaged to learn and results were immediate in the communication and expectation department. Spending time with the work force on an individual basis also helped them immeasurably with balanced life strategies. Working with the client on a monthly basis for 1 year has seen the growth of the company explode in a Big way 44% year over year and increase their workforce by 25%. This is a huge development for a startup.

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