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Five Principles of
Sustainable Change

Over the course of 10 years as a student of Human Power Development, Tom has identified that understanding then implementing these 5 principles account for the clarity needed to complete your transition with grace & ease


You find more about yourself and potential rather than be scattered all over the place. If you only identify yourself with likes dislikes, preferences where you're from you are only scratching the surface.



The secret to getting what you want and enjoying what you have is how energy effects your performance... attitude, health, will power, stress, sleep body language, Learn how to manage your energy and your life will change.



It's how we see and understand what occurs around us and what we DECIDE those events mean. Our perception can be a source of great strength and weakness it takes great skill and discipline to separate reliable signals from deceptive one’s-You begin to filter out prejudice expectations and fear, but it’s worth it because what your left with is TRUTH.



The way you see something your view point but when you able to shift this 10% and even see it through someone else’s eyes you grow exponentially.



The foundation of problem solving. You can be self-aware and do nothing about it which translates to a huge waste of time and potential.  If used properly you can avoid a crisis.

What would it look like if you had enough AWARENESS to know what to change about yourself?


Then created the CAPACITY to allow new things in your life to take shape then learned how to double your VITALITY to give you the energy you need so you can expand your PERCEPTION and not be led by your emotions and then finally you are able to shift your PERSPECTIVE effortlessly and your life changes.

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