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Ex Life Coaching

I'ts core philosophy applies Eastern wisdom and Western practicality to bring success and fulfillment in all areas of your life. 


Does this sound like you? 

  • Have success but feel like something is missing 

  • Need to handle stress ensure work/life balance 

  • Not sure of your legacy 


Here's What You'll Experience 

  • Balance Your Life Program 

  • Vitality and Stress Management Solutions Program 

  • Increased clarity to achieve your goals, ambitions, and dreams 

  • Greater personal and professional satisfaction 

  • Improved health, wellness and personal energy 

  • Improved relationships 

  • Increased engagement in life and work tools to address work life challenges 


This exclusive experience will deliver content that will help you grow personally, provide you support in reaching your dreams, and help you stay on track with your plans throughout the year. 


Details and logistics 

  • Gotta know the components of life before you can change it-get your done for you checklist 

  • Have to know where your starting from in order to be successful- get your blueprint to self examination 

  • Get your Get back on track workbook 

1x1 Consultation

1x1 consultation (90 Minutes)

Pick yourself up out of a rough spot/get clarification on something on your mind/address personal anxiety or stress. Book a 1x1 consultation with me.


This is most suited if:

  • There is a burning problem on your mind that you want advice on

  • You want to embark on a new path and you want advice on it

  • You are trapped in a dilemma and need help

  • You are going through a hard time and you need an unbiased listening ear


Think of this as a discussion session to break down and identify possible solutions to your problem. I will provide some thoughts, but it is up to you to implement them. The goal is to clear away mental debris you’re facing so you can move ahead. Do not expect miracles but a conscious discussion and practical ideas to move ahead

Investment $175

Solution Workshop
the solution workshops


Clients often ask to design and deliver specific leadership development workshops. The aim of these workshops is to enable the right conditions to rapidly improve. Find Peak Performance zones and stay there more consistently.

I believe there are solutions to help companies, teams and individuals become more interested in their company then just collecting a paycheck.


As a trainer, I create thriving conditions that allow organizations to change, develop, and grow. Driving performance through energy and wellness brings sustainable results that help you accomplish more in less time without stress while avoiding burnout.

A significant part of the success of Wellness training is incorporating practices, identifying tendencies, and revolving around the five principles of sustainability. These five are the missing ingredients to bring about positive lasting change. The training revolves around enhancing your psychological strength, emotional development, physical health, and spiritual purpose, all leading to a more efficient and complete you. Structuring these stages and practices in a way that allows them to be sustainable is Crucial. Willpower is not enough, mainly if the action is new. You need a systematic and holistic approach.

Find peak performance zones and learn how to:

  • Compete with more passion and enjoy work & life more

  • Handle negative and intrusive thoughts

  • Utilize goal setting techniques to create a pathway to success

  • Minimize and manage distraction that effect performance

  • Maintain focus and ability to re-focus

  • Reclaim energy vital to performance

  • Utilize mental imagery techniques to increase performance

  • Increase accountability

  • Take responsibility for their success or failure

  • Manage mental, emotional and physical health and lifestyle issues


4hr Boot Camp


Do you want to leave a Legacy by design or default?

What do you want to achieve? run a successful business, have a great career, have a great relationship, have great friends, have great health, be financially abundant, be a prominent figure in your field, have your own TV/talk show, move over seas, travel around world, or some other goal

The seeds that you are planting are the first steps to make this happen:

  • How can you expect to get results when you have not put in the effort to get things moving… you cannot just think you are going to manifest this into happening

  • What goals have you been meaning to pursue but are putting off?

  • What is the first seed you can plant to get it going

  • What about the next 3 seeds? What can you do to keep the momentum going

So…what seeds do you need to start planting? Can you get started right away? Because the sooner you plant your seeds the sooner you water them and take care of them, the faster they will germinate, blossom and grow.Your future will be shaped 5 10 years down the road by the seeds you plant today


This is most suited for:

  • Wanting to find your purpose

  • Unfulfilled

  • Can’t get started

  • Stuck in a rut


You will get:

  • Downloadable workbook

  • Predictive assessment

  • Key to increasing your energy and focus


Fate is when you do not make a choice and leave your destiny up to someone else.

Discovery…The power of choice and the components of it from self esteem, patterns triggers and learning how to cut the cord from these limiting beliefs…


Investment- $497

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